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We can help you keep your car running well with comprehensive fluid services. Whether you have a warning light on or simply want a routine fluid check, drive over to our shop for prompt attention and a comprehensive list of fluid services.

The fluids in your vehicle keep things running smoothly. They lubricate, protect, and cool critical systems, so your car or truck doesn't suffer engine damage on the road. Day to day operation of your car or truck causes these fluids to break down or become dirty, and this can make them less effective.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs Fluid Service

While many fluids should be checked routinely, sometimes you will need fluid service between these checks. 

Signs that you need to have your fluids checked include:

Warning lights: If the "check engine" or "oil" lights are illuminated on your dash, get your vehicle in right away. These lights often indicate a problem with fluids, and you need to have them checked.

Problems when shifting: If you hear grinding or squealing while shifting, it may indicate a problem with your transmission fluid. If you don't address this quickly, you could face a costly transmission repair. If the car shifts hard, this can also indicate a transmission fluid problem.

Low fluid levels: Get in the habit of checking your own fluids. If you're noticing that they're low, it indicates you need fluid service or a system repair.

Puddles in the driveway or garage: Vehicles do have some drips when they're operating normally, but if you're regularly finding puddles of dark liquid in the garage or driveway, you have a problem.

Car overheating: If your car keeps overheating, you likely have a coolant problem. Bring it in for a thorough diagnostic test to see what the problem may be.

If you're noticing any of these problems, fluid issues are likely the cause. Visit us to have one of our mechanics get to the bottom of the problem and find a workable solution.

Comprehensive Fluid Services 

We are your source for fluid services. Whether you have a coolant leak or simply need routine fluid service, we're here to help. Visit us for:

Transmission Fluid Services: Your transmission fluid needs to be changed regularly to protect your system against wear. If it appears dirty, it's time to have it serviced. If you're not noticing problems, you should plan to have this done every 40,000 miles.

Oil Services: Your oil needs to be changed every 3,000 to 7,000 miles, depending on your vehicle and the oil it uses.

Coolant Services: Keep the coolant in your vehicle clean, and use antifreeze to protect against freezing temperatures. We can help!

Power Steering Fluid: If your car is starting to handle less responsively, you may need a power steering fluid change. This fluid reduces friction in the steering system, so your car will turn on a dime.

Brake Fluid: Keeping the brake fluid changed will prevent deterioration and corrosion of your brakes.

In addition, we offer fuel injection system cleaning, front differential service, rear differential service, and transfer case services.

Don't put your engine at risk. If you need fluid services, call or stop by for effective help.

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